Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Moving on the mind

So, we basically are gearing up for moving to Idaho in November. I am SUPER nervous. I've never lived anywhere but Sonoma County and now I'm moving in the middle of winter to Idaho. I'm not quite sure what I've signed up for. Anyway, Ava is excited to be able to go to school, so is Ryan. Teegan and I will just freeze our fannies off! Anyway, We are in the process of taking pictures of everything and posting them to our blog. I had to buy an external hard drive because we had 32 mb available on the laptop...I couldn't even transfer the pictures I had taken of things to sell! Anyway...dejunking is good for us, but I am having VERY mixed emotions. Happy, sad, excited, nervous...you get the idea. Anyway...that's just what's been on my mind!

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