Friday, April 20, 2007

In April... that we've had time to adjust to another screamer in the house...we're ready to keep ya'll up to date on our little family on a more regular basis.

This month we had visits from the West grandparents. Ava LOVES to talk to her Great-Grandma Allene. We had fun getting to spend time with them and celebrate Roger's many was that again?!

We both are starting new jobs too!

Cazra's running an afterschool program at the middle school across the street and Ryan is starting at Pepsi Bottling Group on the 24th. We have decided that one of our BIG life changes will be selling Books Are Fun...keep fingers and toes crossed that the right person will come along to purchase it.

Ava smiles lots now, she coos and giggles on occasion, oh, and she poops...ALOT.
Here, she JUST pooped in her mommy's lap. Literally. With no diaper on. That was fun.

Ava makes her grand debut

What a fun and exciting time in our lives! We are grateful every day for our little girl...she has made our lives complete. Between 1, 3 5 & 7 am feedings, 6-12 diaper changes per day, and more chaos than someone who can't even find her own hand should be able to bring about, we get the small smile and giggle that reminds us why we signed up for this CRAZY ride.

Seriously though, meeting her for the first time immediately set our priorities in order. We are making some BIG life changes so we can be the best mommy & daddy that our baby could ever hope for. She's constantly reminding us that she's in charge!

Hey, you don't mess with a baby diva who knows when it's time to chow down.