Sunday, December 21, 2008

Um...been a while...

Well, LOTS of things have been happening for our family this past year. Received a promotion at work, moved out of our house, let friends live for free in our house, filed and received a discharge on our bankruptcy, started a daycare, stopped a daycare because we found out we were unexpectedly pregnant, back into our house, job at work no longer exists and took a $10 and hour pay cut, been to the hospital twice for the pregnancy...still paying that off (and he's not even here!), trying to renegotiate with our mortgage company so we can keep the house, you get the idea. Through it all, we are still happy and love each other. We find joy in simpler things now, not necessarily a Maui timeshare, or an expensive car, but having Ava come into bed with us at the crack of dawn and snuggle to us and say "Hi, Daddy! Hi, Mommy! What you doing?" As we crack our eyes to the EARLY morning rays. Spending time with friends and loved ones because we just aren't sure how long we'll be able to live this close. Making new friends and keeping the old. We've been extremely fortunate in that regard. Though we may not have every material thing we would enjoy having in this world and we are essentially having to start over, we are grateful everyday for the blessing we have and the joys we are blessed with. Heavenly Father is exceedingly good to us. And we have much to be grateful for.

Saturday, June 28, 2008


So, basically, Ryan and I are faced with about a bajillion decisions to make in our lives right about now and we are really not liking this whole being a grown up thing. Poop, all of it is poop. Anyway, we are this perpetual pendulum of wishy washy and never solid in our choices. For instance, lately, we are trying to decide, with our new found financial freedom, should we move out of CA and have Ryan go to BYU, or should Cazra go back to work so Ryan can get his bachelors in CA and then transfer to BYU for a masters? Should we put Ava in daycare, should we pay grandma Cindy to watch her? Should we both work to save money and then just both move, have bunch of kids and live off of student loans? Should we eat oatmeal or bananas for breakfast? Really though, are you getting and idea for how we are right now? Please don't get me wrong, generally we just go with the flow, try to be relatively easy going and mellow, but lately...AHHHHHHH!!!!!!! Anyway, friendly advice always welcome. Love all....smooches

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Big things happening for the Dunford trio

So, we are making some incredibly HUGE changes in our lives at present. We have moved out of our first home and have friends living in it. We are back to renting, and actually enjoying the lack of responsibility. For instance...our a/c was barfing water out of one of the vents. It was FABULOUS to be able to call the property owner and not have to worry about it ourselves. "what's wrong?" "how are we going to pay for this?" "Great, now what's broken?" didn't even cross our minds! Anyway, we live VERY close to a trail and we ride our bikes regularly as a family.

We recently had visits from Auntie Ra and Uncle J from Utah (that would be Rachelle and Jeff in Ava speak) and we had a blast. It was great to visit with them and Ava ADORES her auntie and uncle. Now, if only we could get her to meet Ross!

We are SUPER excited about the upcoming family reunion we get to attend in Idaho. This is the first vacation (ish) experience we've had in about 2 years and we are LONG overdue. Besides, we jsut love hearing how adorable Ava is and who better to tell us than a ton of family?!

Well....until next time!

Friday, March 28, 2008

Ryan and the Apricot Tree

Well, the videos speak for themselves!

There will be no more popcorn on our rotten apricot tree!

The best things in life


Who can argue that quite possibly one of the best things in life is watching your kid
run naked in the backyard? Prepare for one of the best things in our lives!

Ava's 1

Here are pictures of Ava's first birthday party. We had her party in Granma Cindy & Grandpa Ron's backyard with kids everywhere...pandamonium is actually the word that comes to mind. No hospital vistis, no broken bones or anything else traumatic. I do have to give a special thanks to Aania...she saved the day with cupcakes...honestly, what kind of mother am I...FORGOT the cupcakes at a children's birthday!!!

And as we all know, every party has it's pooper. Ava pooped on her own party!

Just because Ava's cute!

Bonus pics for her adoring fans...and her boyfriend (Mitchell)!

Ava's first haircut...

So, we took Ava last Saturday to Just Kidz Kuts to get her hair cut. Mommy, Daddy and our cousin (on Mommy side) Max came along for the ride! And here's the proof that our daughter now has an adorable bob and no longer looks like a shaggy sheep dog! Sorry Aania...we wanted it to be you...but Utah's a long way to go for a haircut!

Easter at our house

Ava is finally at an age where she can enjoy alot of the "fun" holidays. Here are a few Easter pics... It'll be nice when she can get some meaning behind them. Suggestions on achieving that?

The masses have voted

So, we're not all that super about remembering to blogg our adoring fans...but here we are. We've had pics requests and no need to fear...they will be honored! But really, we know everyone really wants to see Ava...I mean, hey, we get excited about seeing her every morning!

So her latest thing is time outs.

Daddy thought it was o.k. to allow Miss Thang to run and climb on our sofa...obviously NOT O.K....especially when said running and climbing involves trying to climb over the back and arms of the sofa (to our wooden floor and a broken head). So, we had a time-out. Ava protested and kicked and banged her head on her chair, but we made it. I got a hug and she has not attempted sofa diving again (yet).

Sunday, March 2, 2008

so much in a year!

So, We basically forgot about our blog and so much has been happening that we really haven't had the time anyway. Well, Ava is now a year old...and what a big girl she is becoming! So full of personality and sassy too! We feel like two is really 12 months! Ryan is working for Pepsi Bottling Group and recently received a promotion and Cazra is presently a full time, stay home mommy. However, She has just received her licensing for in home put the word out! We are presently working on the yard....always projects around our house! So, we'll keep this updated with pics and such!
Dunford Fam