Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Why does barf always come at 2 am?!!!

Seriously, I know I am ridiculously behind on posting to my blog, however, I just needed to vent on this particular issue. I HATE 2 AM BARFING...

Ava seems to always contract some NASTY stomach bug and come into our bedroom at 2 covered head to toe in vomit. I'm talking in her hair, on her face, down her pj's, in her pj's, on the soles of her feet. Honestly....did she say to herself, "I think I'll smear this all over my body before I go crying to my parents so they are forced to bathe me at some unholy hour in the middle of the night"?

And then, my darling of a hubby went to the store at 2:45 so I wouldn't have to trudge there with barffy Ava and sleepy Teegan this morning. Ah, the joys of parenting.

And Teegan slept through all of the fiasco.


Jeff said...

glad to see you've posted ;o)
sorry about the barfing...I can't wait

Melissa said...

Eww, and I have no idea how they manage to get it ALL over the place. I had so much fun catching up with you guys while I was in cali. It was long over due!