Wednesday, July 15, 2009


I am so sad...I broke my second sewing machine since being married. I use it ALL the time and I am bummed out because I know I need to get a good one, not the walmart specials I had previously purchased. But seriously, I don't have $500 to $8000 (Yes, you read typos there) to spring for a new machine. Maybe the sewing machine fairy will kindly bestow one on me. Anyway, just needed to be sad a moment and lament my loss.


Melissa said...

Garage sales, Craig's list and Estate sales. They rock!! Check there. You can sometimes find brand new for a fraction of the price.

beN AaNia mItCHell said...

FINALLY!!!!!!!!!!!! Freak! I never check your blog and low and behold you FINALLY update!!!! Are you ill? I am hoping this is not a phase you booger! Now put some pictures up of all of you especially that T!
Love ya